NORDIC: Frantzén's Kitchen to open in Hong Kong

NORDIC: Frantzén's Kitchen to open in Hong Kong

NEWS NORDIC: After the recent shocker that fine dining restaurant Frantzén was closing and reopening at a new location in 2017, comes the news that Björn Frantzén is taking his gastronomy all the way to Hong Kong in November.

Björn Frantzén has been in the news more than once this year, popping up in Dubai and surprising everyone with the news that his fine dining restaurant in Stockholm was closing in July, in order to reopen at a new location in the beginning of 2017 – retaining the number of seats (22) but increasing the area more than fivefold: from 90 to 500 square meters. And now, the opening of an entirely new restaurant in Hong Kong has been announced: Frantzén's Kitchen will be serving up a Nordic taste experience based on local ingredients. An exciting mission in an area already well-known for gastronomic mastery and influenced by many different cultures. Head chef Jim Löfdahl will be heading the new project, in cooperation with local entrepreneurs Arne and Helen Lindman. A sneak peek at the menu reveals "Nordic sushi", as well as scallop with dashi and dried coral, and a macaron with foie gras. 

Frantzén's Kitchen will open in November of 2016 at 11 Upper Station Street in Sheung Wan, seating 36.

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The Nordics

The Nordics

By White Guide

The Nordic countries are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic...

On the quest for a more flavorful, sustainable future

WHITE GUIDE: Dan Barber, Global Gastronomy Award winner, 2016

“Food for thought” takes on a whole new meaning after a few days in the company of Dan Barber. He is revolutionizing the way we look at food. Sourcing locally and organically is a good thing, but far from enough if we want to achieve a truly sustainable food system. We have to reverse, reinvent and reboot our whole approach to food, including controversial bits such as use, waste and natural genetic engineering.

Dan Barber. Portrait by Mark Ostow.

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SWEDEN: White Guide Café is here

SWEDEN: White Guide Café is here

NEWS SWEDEN: On Monday the 30th of May the latest White Guide Café, listing the best cafés 2016-17, was released. Eight winners in different categories were also anounced along with the guide, that lists 336 cafés.

At the release party, more than 300 guests mingled and celebrated in the picturesque Eric Ericson Hall, a former church located on Skeppsholmen Island in Stockholm. Over 400 cafés were evaluated , with 336 securing a coveted spot in the guide.

The Swedish “fika” tradition – drinking coffee and having cake, whether at home or at a café – is strong, as evidenced by the interest in the guide, available as both app and book. But “to fika” is an evolving concept, says café guide editor Lena Ilkjaer:

DENMARK: White Guide Denmark is here

DENMARK: White Guide Denmark is here

WHITE GUIDE DENMARK: Bistronomy, from fine to fun and popular dining – White Guide Denmark 2016/17 is here. In it you'll find 331 reviews of recently tested Danish restaurants, 99 of them new to the guide from last year. Restaurants in Greenland and the Faroe Islands are included.

For the third year running, White Guide is published in Denmark – and also for the third year running, Noma was awarded Best Restaurant. Each restaurant is visited yearly, and points and review re-evaluated and rewritten. As the guide was launched today, ten special prizes were awarded - see list below. 

"The movement from fine to fun and popular dining has been ongoing for some years now, but it wasn't until last year's guide was published that we truly noted the breakthrough for the genre we christened 'bistronomy' – original, brave gastronomy in a very deliberately informal environment. No longer is there a need to choose between having truly good food and having a truly good time, which puts the final nail in the coffin of the idea that gastronomy is only for the rich, or an elite group of foodies. You'll find no elitism among the guests at Hærværk in Aarhus eller Eldorado i Copenhagen, even though both are among those restaurants that are bringing restaurant culture and gastronomy rapidly forward", says Rasmus Holmgård, White Guide Denmark's editor, summing this year's guide up.

More information at

The entire Danish Master Class list is available HERE.

Buy White Guide Denmark HERE - or directly in our app.

The Danish winners 2016/17

  • Restaurant of the Year – Noma
  • Wine Experience of the Year – Era Ora
        in collaboration with Vinakademiet and Dansk Sommelier Forening
  • Service Experience of the Year – Søllerød Kro
        in collaboration with De Forenede Dampvaskerier
  • Best New Restaurant of the Year – Ante 
        in collaboration with Gastromand
  • Feel-Good Experience of the Year – Huset Blom
        in collaboration with Catering Engros
  • Best Value of the Year – 20a
       in collaboration with H.W. Larsen
  • Innovator of the Year – Alchemist
       in collaboration with Arla Unika
  • Wine List of the Year – Malling Kro
       in collaboration with Spiegelau
  • Beer Experience of the Year – WarPigs
        in collaboration with Jacobsen
  • Rising Star of the Year – Bryan Fransisco, Tree Top
        in collaboration with Lavazza

SWEDEN: Arvid Rosengren is the world's best sommelier

SWEDEN: Arvid Rosengren is the world's best sommelier

NEWS SWEDEN: Swedish Arvid Rosengren took home the gold in yesterday’s prestigious Meilleur Sommelier du Monde competition, held in Argentina. He is thus both the reigning European and world champion.

Arvid Rosengren, educated in Swedish Grythyttan and having worked in Stockholm, London and Copenhagen, is currently living and working in New York, where he is sommelier at Soho restaurant Charlie Bird, as well as running King Street Sommeliers, a private wine service. Every Nordic country was represented in the competition, including another Swede, Robert Andersson, and the Dane Christian Thorsholt Jacobsen, who finished sixth. Making it all the way to the podium along with Rosengren were David Biraud, France, and Julie Dupoy-Young, hailing from France but representing Ireland.

The finalists were put through a wide variety of tests, such as geographical knowledge, food and wine pairing, blind tasting and decanting a magnum bottle of young Malbec. Rosengren emerged victorious, adding charisma to his impeccable service. This is Sweden’s second sommelier world champion title, since Andreas Larsson won in 2007.

NORDIC: Björn Frantzén takes Dubai

NORDIC: Björn Frantzén takes Dubai

NEWS NORDIC: The next chef to take the reins at Dubai restaurant Enigma is none other than Björn Frantzén, owner of Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden. Enigma will be hosted by four different chefs during 2016.

The first chef to settle in at the restaurant in January, located in luxury hotel Palazzo Versace, was Quique Dacosta, who normally delights guests at the three-star restaurant that bears his name in Valencia, Spain. His pop-up was named “Vanguard”. Björn Frantzéns concept will be named “Journey of a Nordic Chef” and run at Enigma from April 20th through June 30th. The next two chefs to take over Enigma are as-of-yet unnamed.

– I am very excited and at the same time humbled to bring my cuisine to Dubai, and I see this as an opportunity to show and introduce the flavours of the Nordic countries to Dubai's cosmopolitan residents and travellers. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with the professional team at Enigma, at the magnificent Palazzo Versace Dubai., says Frantzén in a statement.

NORDIC: Dan Barber is awarded the Global Gastronomy Award 2016

NORDIC: Dan Barber is awarded the Global Gastronomy Award 2016

NEWS NORDIC: Celebrated food philosopher, turning farm-to-table upside down – for the tenth year running, White Guide proudly presents the Global Gastronomy Award. The distinction is awarded to a chef or another gastronomical dignitary of international stature at the apex of his or her orbit, serving as a role model and inspiration within contemporary gastronomy, taking it forward – and beyond.

Global Gastronomy Award 2016 – in collaboration with Electrolux:
Dan Barber, Blue Hill, New York, USA

“For sharing his deep insights into the challenges we face regarding food sustainability and for his many initiatives to retrieve lost flavor treasures and conceive of new ones. Long celebrated as the father of the farm-to-table movement, he has realized that the current approach to local ecological sourcing is not enough to secure health and wellbeing – for us or our habitats. We need to rethink our entire approach to food, based on nature’s own laws and cycles. It is not about nostalgia – but strict science.”

The White Guide Nordic app is here!

The White Guide Nordic app is here!

WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: Our beautiful, easy-to-use, complete White Guide Nordic app is here – and it’s free. Read reviews of all the top 300 restaurants in the Nordic countries, browse by city, country or name, or use the interactive map – perfect for travel.

The 2016 edition of the White Guide Nordic was launched a week ago, and is the only restaurant guide to completely cover all of the best Nordic restaurants, including those located in places less traveled. This year’s edition is expanded both in number of restaurants and regions covered, and now includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands. You’ll find reviews of, points awarded to and information on every restaurant, our newsfeed with independent reporting on Nordic restaurant news and a map for interactive browsing or finding restaurants near you.

Right now, we are offering the app for free. It is available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded here

SWEDEN: Top restaurants celebrated at the White Guide Gala

SWEDEN: Top restaurants celebrated at the White Guide Gala

NEWS SWEDEN: At the White Guide Gala, held today at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, awards in several categories were handed out in connection with the release of this year’s White Guide Sweden.

Extraordinary performances and achievements were celebrated, together with a special person: the restaurant guest. The latter by focusing on the overall experience – without diners, neither restaurants nor restaurant guides would be here.

Here is the list of this year’s winners and award recipients.

Noma is the best restaurant in the Nordics 2016

Noma is the best restaurant in the Nordics 2016

WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: The second edition of The White Guide Nordic was launched today in Helsinki. More than 200 journalists and restaurateurs took part in the event. The new guide covers the 300 best restaurants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and now Greenland.

Just as last year, the evaluation of the restaurant scene has resulted in a Top 30 list. The list is topped by Noma in Copenhagen, making this their second year as the highest-scoring Nordic restaurant; one more accolade in their long list of achievements. The following restaurants are new entries on the Top 30 list since last year:

This year the guide covers 54 restaurants in Finland, 56 restaurants in Norway (including Svalbard), 92 restaurants in Sweden, 85 restaurants in Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and 17 restaurants in Iceland. This edition also gives a sneak peek into the gastronomy of the Baltics in an appendix on 25 Estonian restaurants produced by Flavours of Estonia according to the White Guide’s testing criteria.