FEATURE: Small taquería, big names – meet Rosio Sanchez

FEATURE: Small taquería, big names – meet Rosio Sanchez

FEATURE: Who is getting top chefs from around the world come to Copenhagen to make tacos? That would be Rosio Sanchez, a young with a mission: To bring authentic Mexican flavours to Europe and to make it available to anyone.

Paco Méndez, Shinobu Namae, Fabian von Hauske, Jorge Vallejo, Zaiyu Hasegawa, Kris Yenbamroong, Mario Espinosa. All are names of chefs from top restaurants around the world who have made their way to Copenhagen this summer. What do they have in common with chefs Lisa Lov, Matt Orlando, Lars Williams and Jonathan Tam? Well, they have all spent a day making tacos at Copenhagen market hall Torvehallerne.

Why? They are all friends of Rosio Sanchez.

She opened her taquería Hija de Sanchez in June, and people have been lining up since day one. The day I meet her is no exception, even if the lines are not nearly as long as on the opening day, when they reached all the way to the road 50 meters away, Sanchez tells me.
– The first day was fun, but it was also a disaster. People waited about an hour in line and then twenty minutes to get their food. We had too many menu options, and the lines got longer and longer. We had an idea of how we were supposed to work and what our system of tickets should be. But things never play out the way you think. I’d only been working in restaurants, never in a taquería. So how would I know?, says Sanchez.

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