DENMARK: Gourmet brewery and food hall to open in Copenhagen

DENMARK: Gourmet brewery and food hall to open in Copenhagen
24 Dec 2015

NEWS DENMARK: Copenhagen is getting a new hot spot that celebrates the Danish craft of brewing, as well as a restaurant, bar and gourmet shop. Having operated as a nomad brewery for the last five years, To Øl (Two Beers) has now found a home, right across the street from where it all began for the two founders.

The men behind To Øl are Tore Gynther, Tobias Emil Jensen and Morten Bruun. The first two have history with one of the most renowned names in the beer industry today: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who later started Mikkeller, but back then was their physics teacher and companion to some experimenting with hops in the school kitchen after hours (this being Denmark, presumably no one batted an eye about it). Across the street from school – that would be Guldbergsgade – in the district of Nørrebro, they are going big. As in 750 square meters big (over 8.000 square feet). The giant space will house oak barrels, stainless steel tanks, a pub, restaurant and – of course – guests, and besides batches of beer there will be micro-production of quality soft drinks and sodas, tonics, kombucha, bottled cocktails and even mead. The third man behind To Øl, Morten Bruun, is the ‘cocktail and tonic master’ of the gang. He has a background as a chef and looks forward to planning the snack-sized menu that will seamlessly go together with the various beverages.

Facing the street will be a small shop, offering coffee, restaurant take-aways, local produce and of course bottles produced at the site. The gang will also be giving back to the brewing community by renting out space and capacity for other brewers with great ideas. As for their old physics teacher, rumour has it Mikkeller is expanding to include that other beverage – wine. 

A soft opening is planned during the Copenhagen Beer Celebration in May. The address is Guldbergsgade 29F.

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Photo by Agnete Schlichtkrull.

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