The Global Gastronomy Awards 2017, highlighting "Sustainability-Forward"

The Global Gastronomy Awards 2017, highlighting "Sustainability-Forward"
23 Sep 2017

WHITE GUIDE: With Dan Barber as its 2016 laureate, the Global Gastronomy Awards will take place in New York City on September 25th. After ten years in Stockholm, the ceremony moves to the home turf of the previous year’s winner, which makes Mexico City, home to 2017 awardee Enrique Olvera and his restaurant Pujol, our next location.

Ten years of forward gastronomy, reaching beyond the plate

Over the past decade, the Global Gastronomy Award has honored some of the world’s most celebrated and forward-thinking chefs, from Ferran Adrià (Catalonia) in 2007, to Dan Barber (New York) in 2016 (see press release for the full list). Each award winner not only excels in gastronomy, but has pioneered initiatives that reach far beyond the plate. Some have found solutions to current problems by reviving nearly-lost forms of knowledge, while others have innovated to improve the environmental impact or achieve social change through gastronomy.

A holistically sustainable approach to food is not only a product of gastronomy’s ongoing evolution, but a necessity if we are to safeguard the well-being of the planet and the humans who inhabit it. Reflecting this concern, the Global Gastronomy Awards are intended to support a few of the most outstanding initiatives in the field.


This year, we introduce two new awards that recognize sustainability efforts at every step in the food chain: a pre-plate award that focuses on sourcing initiatives, and a post-plate award that honors efforts to reduce waste and other by-products of food consumption, especially within the hospitality sector.


Chinampas revival, Yolcan/ Lucio Usobiaga – Mexico

For leading the revival of ancient Aztec agriculture in Mexico City’s unique, man-made chinampas archipelago; for bringing its rich flavors and nourishing, organic produce to the capital’s tables; for improving the region’s food sovereignty; and for supporting the local farming community.


Food for Soul / Lara Gilmore, Cristina Reni, Massimo Bottura – Italy and worldwide

For their passionate work in launching Refettorio community kitchens around the world; for their efforts to reduce food waste and lessen the burdens of poverty by sourcing, cooking and serving with dignity delicious food to those in need; and for engaging chefs, artists, volunteers and communities at large in this initiative.

The full press release is available HERE!

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