Tracking the forefront of gastronomy – in Copenhagen, Stockholm…and worldwide

Tracking the forefront of gastronomy – in Copenhagen, Stockholm…and worldwide
23 Oct 2017

12 FORWARD: Where are the most interesting meals to be found and enjoyed today? The eateries, chefs and food-related initiatives that break new ground in culinary arts and hospitality?

So far, 24 of them are listed in 12forward, a new digital service guiding passionate gastromads and professionals to the significant scenes worldwide, where they can enjoy cutting-edge culinary experiences, and better understand where food-forward is heading. 12 eateries in each city, currently 14 cities and 20+ in the pipeline. Olso and Helsinki are both under review.

Curious to taste the future?
12forward by White Guide can be downloaded as a freemium from the App Store and Google Play, and is available at

The site offers in-depth information on the evolution of gastronomy, identifying the drivers, many talented people and brave ambitions behind it. It addresses innovation and sustainability issues all along the food chain, major concerns in food-forward thinking, and also presents continuous reporting on initiatives around the world that may impact the future of food.

The Global Gastronomy Awards––highlighting “sustainability-forward”
Over the past decade, the Global Gastronomy Award has honored some of the world’s most celebrated and forward-thinking chefs, from Ferran Adrià (Catalonia) in 2007, to Enrique Olvera (Mexico City) in 2017. Each of the award winners not only excels in culinary arts but has pioneered initiatives that reach far beyond the plate, adding to the groundwork of a resilient global gastronomy.

Enrique Olvera has redefined Mexican classics, brought the rich spectrum of regional fare into the limelight and narrowed the gap between fine dining and street food. To quote Ferran Adrià “There is a before and after Olvera in Mexican cuisine”.

The 2017 Global Gastronomy Awards took place on September 25th in New York City, the hometown of 2016 laureate Dan Barber. Having staged the ceremony in Stockholm for the past ten years, the event will from now on move to the home base of the previous year’s winner, thus Mexico City will be next year’s host city. 

The inaugural Pre-plate and Post-plate awards
This year, two new awards were introduced to recognize sustainability efforts at every step in the food chain: a pre-plate award that focuses on sourcing initiatives, and a post-plate award that honors efforts to reduce waste through innovative use of surplus food.

The Pre-plate Award was bestowed upon Lucio Usobiaga, Yolcan––for leading the revival of ancient Aztec agriculture in Mexico City’s unique, man-made chinampas archipelago.
The Post-plate Award was bestowed upon Lara Gilmore, Massimo Bottura and Cristina Reni, Food for Soul––for rethinking community canteens, based on dignity, and launching them around the world. 

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