WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: Now including all of the Baltic countries

WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: Now including all of the Baltic countries

11 Oct 2016

WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: Your guide to the gastronomy of the Nordics – this edition also including all of the Baltic countries. 

Most diners in Denmark and Sweden are familiar with the trademark and the many initiatives of the White Guide. For thirteen consecutive years, White Guide has published comprehensive local guides to the gastronomy of Sweden and Denmark, and 2014 saw the arrival of the very first guide – in English – to the whole Nordic region. On October 31st, the third, most comprehensive edition yet will be released – this time covering almost 400 restaurants in the Nordics and also including chapters of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The guide is available as an app, and the printed book will be available at selected bookstores, at whiteguide.com and Amazon. All information and full reviews of the restaurants will be available for free at whiteguide-nordic.com for anyone signing up as a Guiding Guest. The opportunity to register as a Guiding Guest will become available when the guide is out.

All the restaurants in the 2017 edition have been visited, rated and reviewed during 2016. White Guide will continue to follow and assess the rapidly developing gastronomy in the Baltic region.

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