WHITE GUIDE NORDIC PLUS – The best restaurants in the Nordics

WHITE GUIDE NORDIC PLUS – The best restaurants in the Nordics

28 Sep 2015

WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: For the second year in a row, White Guide presents an English edition with the best restaurants from the Danish and Swedish guides and newly tested restaurants in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Svalbard, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The new book will be released at a launch held in Helsinki on the 16th of November.

On November 16th, a new edition of the White Guide Nordic will be released. It pushes the boundaries even further.

"This year’s guide will cover the Nordic region’s 300 best restaurants. Also new this year is an app that we created in English, making it even easier for visitors from abroad to navigate amongst the Nordic restaurants with a few sweeps on their phones. The guide has been expanded with a glossary and thorough editorial material about Nordic food culture,” says Lena Ilkjær, Editor-In-Chief of the guide.

There are not only more restaurants in the guide, we have also traveled further to find great restaurants. This year Finnish restaurants like Rovaniemi and Vaasa are in the guide. On Iceland we have been in Akureyri and to Vestmannaeyjar, among other places. We have also tested restaurants on Greenland.

“It is important for the entire Nordic restaurant business that we understand the immense breadth of our region’s gastronomic traditions," says Lars Peder Hedberg, who is White Guide’s Publishing Editor. “It’s easy to focus on our big cities, but it is far out in the periphery that we find the most unique places."

As for Sweden, 100 restaurants are included in White Guide Nordic - which is determined by the total points the restaurant received upon the last visit from one of White Guide’s testers. Besides restaurants that are newly opened, or that have changed concepts or chefs, the assessments made in the White Guide Nordic are taken from the Swedish edition of the White Guide, which was published in March. The same applies to the Danish restaurants.

An additional bonus in White Guide Nordic 2016 is that we get a sneak peek at the Baltic gastronomy scene. In cooperation with the Estonian restaurant guide, Flavours of Estonia, the best Estonian restaurants are judged according to White Guide's criteria and the top restaurants are presented as a supplement in the guide.

“Next year we are planning to expand with a section called theBest of the Baltics,” says Peter Hansson, project manager for White Guide Nordic. “This will include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and at the very least, St. Petersburg."

White Guide Nordic 2016 will be available in bookstores and as an app in the appstore by November 18th. It can also be pre-ordered now at whiteguide-nordic.com/buy

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