White Guide serving up the Nordics – once again

White Guide serving up the Nordics – once again

2 Nov 2015

WHITE GUIDE: The best restaurants in the Nordics will be revealed on Monday, November 16, when the second edition of The White Guide Nordic is launched. This time we’ve upped our game. The book covers more than 300 restaurants in the ­Nordic countries, and we’ve travelled to new corners of the region to find the best ­places to recommend for your next trip. These new areas include Ilulissat and Nuuk in Greenland, Rovaniemi in northern Finland, and Akureyri and the ­Westman Islands in Iceland.

This year the guide covers 54 restaurants in Finland, 56 restaurants in Norway (including Svalbard), 92 restaurants in Sweden, 85 restaurants in Denmark ­(including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and 17 restaurants in Iceland. This edition also gives a sneak peek into the gastronomy of the Baltics, in an appendix on 25 Estonian restaurants, produced by Flavours of Estonia according to the White Guide’s testing criteria.

All restaurants are rated and grouped by country, category and location. The launch of the White Guide Nordic 2016 edition will be held in Helsinki on November 16th and will be sold through established channels, in addition to being distributed via partners. Besides the printed guide, e-book and the website, it will also be available as an app, available from App Store from November 17th.

What makes us so sure that we serve up the best of the Nordics? First of all, we’ve been there. Every single restaurant in the guide is visited at least once a year. Our team – consisting of more than 80 reviewers – continually visit, assess and re-assess restaurants. These restaurants are always booked under false names – and White Guide always pays the bill. That makes us well-informed – and, above all, independent. That independence is fundamental to our rating process, as is the doctrine of transparency in our grading system

The White Guide has been the leading restaurant guide in Sweden since 2004 and was launched in Denmark in early 2014. The guides cover over 900 restaurants in the two countries, promoting continuous development in the world of gastronomy in this dynamic region. The first edition of the White Guide Nordic was released a year ago.

A list of all the the restaurants in the White Guide Nordic 2016 can be found HERE.

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