From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

180 Degrees by Matthias Diether

Masters Level 86
Food rating:35/40Service rating:18/20
ParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishes
  • Address: Staapli 4, Tallinn
  • Phone: +372 6610 180
  • Seats: 52

The Center of Attention

Would you like tobe the centerof attention? But of course! Who wouldn’t...Very well. Not on Sundays. Not on Mondays, either. But from Tuesday to Saturday after 6 pm. Noblessner Harbour, Tallinn. Staapli 4.Where are you taking us? 180 Degrees! The name of the restaurant is accurate and misleading at the same time. True enough —the open kitchen in the middle of the dining hall is180° opento the view from any table.Sois the harbor, whose former industrial port buildings are being converted into some of the finest real estate in future Tallinn. But your impressions shift away from the views tothe feeling of being in the centerof attention. Your arrival has been noticed. The doors are pushed open to welcome you when you are still dozens of metres away. The restaurant is spacious, elegant in a modern way. Formal and dignified without a trace of timidity. The guest gets accustomed to the role in the lounge bar fitted out with comfortable sofas and armchairs. The aperitif and the Head Chef’s welcome - four miniature starters - are served here. After that, the Head Chef Matthias Diether bides each guest welcome inperson and introduces his restaurant. You decide together between the short (4 courses) and long (6 courses) degustation menu. The servers whisk you from the lounge to the more spacious dining hall with its floor-to-ceiling windows (and will not leave your side until you exit the establishment). Bristling with equipment, the well-lit kitchen in the middle of the room sets the pace for the chefs with a quiet, yet endless techno beat. But they do not take its diktat! The work of the kitchen shows a high degree of organization and a complete lack of rushing. Itisas good as clockwork. The chefs are as relaxed as the guests are, and the service is caring and competent without a hint of either rigidity orflattery. But... howabout the food and drink? The restaurant shows it cares by offering some of the best fine dining in Estonia. A wealth of interesting ingredients is plated here, and every technique enabled by the modern equipment is deployed. 180 Degrees offers an elevated drinks selection to match (no other restaurant in Tallinn offers the option of a drinks selection consisting entirely of champagnes and sparkling wines). It seems, however, unjust to focus on a single dish or drink. They are not the center ofattention. You are!..

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