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Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor

Global Masters Level 86
Food rating:36/40Service rating:16/20
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Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor

An oasis of Nordic delights

The fairytale of Pädaste Manor began 21 years ago when Imre Sooäär and Martin Breuer purchased the completely run-down countryside estate. They told the locals about a crazy dream they had: someday in the not too distant future, foreigners would come from all over the world to visit Estonia, and expressly to spend a few days on the small and unknown island of Muhu, at Pädaste, which they were making into a sumptuous hotel. People stopped listening. The dream, however, came true. Why? Pädaste mixes luxury with local island life in a rare and savvy way. To experience the true character of Pädaste Manor you can’t just stop by for a quick visit, you need to stay at the hotel, use the spa, and enjoy a meal at Alexander, the establishment’s restaurant. Over the years, Alexander has acquired a reputation for spearheading the development of Estonian culinary culture as a whole. First, they conjure gourmet meals out of humble local ingredient, i.e. slender garfish, dried flounder, local snails, and foraged weeds that used to be considered inedible This has inspired local fishermen and farmers, who in turn have set an example and encouraged other entrepreneurs on the island to open local eateries. By now, Muhu might just have the country’s highest ratio of restaurants per capita. Muhu bread is legendary among Estonia’s bakers. Craft beers are also gaining recognition. There is an ostrich farm on the island, and a grape farm with an emerging vineyard! Muhu’s inhabitants have always depended on the sea for their livelihood, just like seafarers have always brought home new exotic flavors. Alexander’s Nordic cuisine is nothing new, nor is it an ultra-narrow niche. By now, its reputation (as well as that of Pädaste) has risen to such heights that the establishment is no longer merely a place to eat and luxuriate, it’s also a sought-after work place for chefs. Lately, foreign culinary professionals have perfected the local dishes even more. The kitchen, run by Polish Chef Adrian Klonowski, offers a seven-course parade of super-local flavors at the chef’s table, patiently thought through, down to the smallest detail, turning the traditionally rustic palatably fancy. A shorter menu, consisting of three dishes and changing on daily basis, is offered to guests who chose to extend their stays at the hotel and might not be in the business of multiple tasting menu experiences. 21 years have passed since the locals laughed at Sooäär’s and Breuer’s dream, they’re not laughing anymore...

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  • Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor
  • Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor

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