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Very Fine Level 71
Food rating:30/40Service rating:13/20
BarTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms available

A Restaurant of Many Faces

Cru’s broad floor-to-ceiling window stands evident to all by the massively frequented Viru street in Tallinn Old Town. Getting in, on the other hand, is more complicated. From the street, you take an underpass into a small courtyard, then up the stairs to a narrow hall. The overall impression is one of a restaurant at a tiny vineyard somewhere in Alsace. Cru is the signature cuisine of oneo f the most famous Estonian chefs, Dmitri Haljukov. Serving classic fine dining upto a couple of years ago, ithas since taken a turn towards ever lesser processing. The chef has proved himself. With no more needto show his mastery of the techniques (nobody doubts him anymore), he takes time to select the raw ingredients and bring out its best qualities. Presented inan egg-shaped ceramic bowl, the smoked trout Benedict is a pleasantly fatty slice of springwater-bred, house-smoked trout. Itis served with low-cooked runny egg, farm potato blin and chive foam. The chef's favorite pastime these days seems tobepreparing classic dishes with his own twist. Regardless of the name, wine here is chosen todo honor to the food, but no more. The different faces of the restaurant show in different dining halls. The showy front room with its tall ceilings, an intimate back room for a smaller group, and a cellar hall for a bigger party for privacy.Regardless of the milieu, the restaurant offers an excellent digestif toend the evening with - a hop distillate from a local brewery. Enjoying this eaude vieof a kind brings back the emotions you hadat entering...

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