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Very Fine Level 75
Food rating:31/40Service rating:16/20
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Better with age

Cru’s name is inspired by the world of wines, and lives up to expectations in various ways. We find ourselves returning here increasingly more often as it’s exciting to watch a restaurant mature the way Cru is doing, demonstrating great culinary skills and precision; nothing here is done without a reason or for the sake of vanity. Newer menus have included not just one, but several gastronomic treasures. Cru’s improvisations with the most common flavors of Estonia’s simple cuisine are especially pleasing. The so-called ice herring is a special late autumn treat, caught by the most skilled anglers in already frozen waters, and prepared with utmost care to bring out the delicate aromas of the stout fish. Ice herring season is definitely when you’ll want to visit Cru. The rest of the year, you can comfort yourself with another classic of Estonian cuisine––aspic. Estonians are so fond of aspic that every larger festivity is called an “aspic party”. The aspic at Cru, especially the one made with wild boar, is a true celebration of flavors. Living up to its name, Cru has its own wine cellar, furnished as another dining room, perfect for observing the wine maturing slowly and relishing in the peace that this process creates. Of course the beverage selection is wine-focused and Chef Dmitri Haljukov is always ready to suggest dishes to pair with specific wines, if necessary. The atmosphere is festive while also democratically tolerant and casual. It seems that the guests are maturing hand-in-hand with the restaurant, there are now fewer random passers-by and more regulars...

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