From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Masters Level 77
Food rating:32/40Service rating:15/20
BrunchChambre separéeParkingMainly open during summer time

A Good Restaurant Is More Than Bread

A good rule of thumb for determining a restaurant’s quality in the Baltics is the bread. Itisalways served first; ifit leaves something tobe desired, the evening is unlikely togo uphill from there. At Džiaugsmas, bread comes to you even sooner – right at the door. Upon entering, you see the administrator and a sculpture of a Neanderthal man. The latter lived to eat. At Džiaugsmas, the staff lives to feed everybody well andto help the time pass pleasantly. The bust is designed to remind usof this. Designed in the numerous shades of black, Džiaugsmas is stylish down to the minute details, from the Neanderthal bust down to the eye-catching cutlery. Asper tradition, bread is presented first. As per trend, itis a soft multigrain bread that goesas well with olive oil as with butter. It certainly gives rise to high expectations. The guest might want to note that the appetisers are moderately small. The mains, however, would do the Neanderthal proud. The escalope, a pleasantly juicy piece ofgolden meat, is larger than the plate itself. The fries and sumptuously crunchy spiralled beetroot are served separately. Two or three appetizers or one entrée will feed you well. Getting in, however, might prove complicated. Booking tables online isnot possible at Džiaugsmas, and the impression at the door is that all of Vilnius is trying to spend time there. And we mean it when we say spend time – the crowd, on the younger side, is quite loud, perhaps even too much so for a solo diner...

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