From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Very Fine Level 74
Food rating:30/40Service rating:14/20
BrunchChambre separéeParkingMainly open during summer time

50 shades of black

Highly conceptual, Džiaugsmas, which means joy in Lithuanian, is cutting edge, playing with perceptions and expectations, a monochrome restaurant in black on black, on black again. Walls, ceilings, tables, chairs…everything is inky-toned, with just a tiny bit of vividness brought by moss-colored accents. Džiaugsmas it says in discreet, restrained lettering on the tealy-grey façade of the building that houses the restaurant, it used to contain offices and homes, hence the rather humdrum hallway behind its front door. Never mind that, you’re here to enjoy an ever-changing menu, dictated by availability and the seasons. If there are cod doughnuts on offer, don’t miss them. You’ve never seen such a black dish; the beer-battered cod nuggets are colored with squid ink, served out of a black pot, standing on black coals. Chic, nuanced and very tasty. These snacks are perfectly fried, their fish flavor enhanced by the airy batter. Of course not all food is black, oven-roasted beets and eel brighten the somber palette. The waiters might not be the most talkative but they do provide ample answers to each of your questions. Džiaugsmas warrants return visits to experience the 50 shades and nuances of black...

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