From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

JOP Antonius kohvik-resto

Fine Level 62
Food rating:27/40Service rating:13/20
ParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
  • Address: Lutsu 3, Tartu
  • Phone: +37258119597
  • Seats: 32

A Good Restaurant in a Questionable Courtyard

The Jop Antonius is situated in a courtyard shared between three buildings and geared atartists and craftsmen. In the summer, the courtyard hosts performances, concerts, and exhibitions; the rest of the year, it's rather quiet. The surroundings tune your expectations down a notch, and you might brace yourself for indifferent, purely practical eats. The entrance from the courtyard to the restaurant, where the restaurant dooron the left might go unnoticed, only contributes to this impression. The restaurant itself consists oftwo dining halls, with frequently changing art exhibitions onthe walls. The art of food tries tokeep up, and as a consequence, the menu changes with every new exhibition. The paintings adorning the walls during our visit are experimental, restless, eye-catching and attention-seeking, complemented with neon LED strips. We open the menu. The tempura grape leaves with herbal pesto and seeds immediately catch the eye. This appetizer is excellent with wine and harmonizes well with the surroundings. The pork tenderloin is glazed black with blackcurrants and titled Must Notsu – Black Piglet –in a charming cultural reference. Served with ramson-potato puree and whey sauce, the dish looks striking, and its smooth flavor and silky texture go a long way towards dissipating the doubts raised by the courtyard. Follow-up visits only confirm the impression that the food will always be a pleasant surprise and the service will keep you ingood mood. Even the flamboyant name will cease to intimidate. Our verdict: if you pass bythe Jop Antonius courtyard, ignore the first impression and walk right in...

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