From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

Kohvik Mahedik

A Nice Place
Tables outsideVegetarian dishes
  • Address: Pühavaimu 20, 80011 Pärnu
  • Phone: +37253338958, 3724425393
  • Seats: 45

House of Green Lifestyle

Entering the Mahedik through the front door takes you to a narrow entrance hall. A small kitchen is to your left, a broader dining hall to your right, and a small ecological produce shop straight ahead. There are diminishingly few eateries based on ecologically farmed produce in Estonia. Out of the few, the Mahedik is among the most renowned. The zander, caught close by at the Pärnu Bay, is always available and always prepared with love. Whether in a small cast iron pot with cream and leek as a light meal orpan-fried and served with black rice and fenchol asan entrée. Keep an eye out for local Pärnu County drinks. The Mahedik is normally among the first to offer the new ones. This is where we first tried the excellent Tori Cider and Wine Farm rhubarb crémant and the Pernauer beer. And come early, as soon as they open their doors in the morning. Their breakfasts, made of the eggs of free-range chickens, are the best in Pärnu...

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