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Meat Market Steak & Cocktail

Fine Level 60
Food rating:23/40Service rating:12/20
BarChambre separéeBar menuMainly open during summer timeAmerican Express
Meat Market Steak & Cocktail

Always Changing

The Meat Market occupies an experimental niche in the Tartu dining scene, always exploring the boundaries of what the town people are ready to accept and what not. Itstarted out as a meat-and-cocktails restaurant. The cocktails were popular, the meat-only menu less so. Then it took a turn towards latest trends, experimented with a pure fine dining degustation menu, then calmed down and returned to its roots. Itnow offers a daily changing steak menu based on meat of different origins and a short list ofnon-meat dishes. The retro cheese schnitzel signals that the experimental spirit isnotdead. Slicing into the crisp deep-fried crust releases deliciously aromatic molten cheese topourouton the plate, and the carrot-basil side salad is pleasantly juicy. Cocktails, especially the signature cocktails, remain the best choice. The Meat Market is a place for those who seek out change...

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  • Meat Market Steak & Cocktail
  • Meat Market Steak & Cocktail

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