From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Very Fine Level 67
Food rating:28/40Service rating:14/20
  • Address: Vana-Posti 7, 10146 Tallinn

Sultry atmosphere

Asian cuisine is en vogue, and Estonia is deep in the trend. The quality of the restaurants, however, varies wildly. Thai restaurants are perhaps the most uniform among them. Nok Nok stands out with the same sultry atmosphere that we have come to expect of higher-class Bangkok hotel restaurants. The soundscape is smooth and unobtrusive, the atmosphere calm and serene, the design stylish without resorting to faddish tricks. The servers move soundlessly and anticipate the client’s every need; the vibe they create is a rare one in Tallinn. And the dishes are authentic at Nok Nok. Ever-so-slightly more conservative on heat, perhaps, than you’d find in Thailand. The waiters make a point of adding a word of caution about the spiciest dishes, and the kitchen is happy to regulate the heat level to the eater’s comfort. Often, soups are overshadowed by the rest of the menu. At Nok Nok, however, we came across a pleasant surprise – one that ties into our Nordic culinary traditions in its own way. If you like milk and vegetable soup, be sure to try Tom Kha Kai. The sweet-and-sour flavour palette of the perennial Estonian childhood favourite – milk soup – is complemented by a touch of heat. Other than the broth, the ingredients, of course, are new rather than nostalgic. In Bangkok, restaurants like this shield the visitor from relentless sun, smog and crowds. Tallinn’s Nok Nok offers shelter from bad weather and miserable mood...

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