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Fine Level 66
Food rating:27/40Service rating:13/20
ParkingTables outsideWheelchair access
  • Address: Kesk tee 27, 74001 Tallinn
  • Phone: +37253 00 4440
  • Seats: 100

A Pizza Restaurant at the Beach Front

Not usually a place for culinary pleasures? This one is! The OKO may have changed both its location and concept after long years at the forefront of Estonian restaurants, but its ambitions remain high. It took only a year or two for the former pre-prepared hamburgers that restaurant chains used to heat upto undergo a transformation into appetizing house craft burgers based onmouth-watering natural ingredients. Pizza is next up for a similar transformation and the OKO leads the way. The black “Nera” with octopus features a black coal-mixed crust, a generous helping ofparmesan and a large handful of fresh rucola. Spicy tomato puree gives the octopus pizza its long, hot, peppery aftertaste. And the OKO has several more unique pizzas. And the selection isgood even if you’renot feeling up for experimentation. The rest of the dishes on the menu are divided into lighter meals and bigger meals. The stockier elk hot-pot with traditional barley-and-potato mash (mulgipuder) is a good choice for anybody wishing to keep upto date with modern developments in traditional Estonian kitchen. The OKO (the first restaurant in Estonia to make people drive out of the town for dinner) attracts people to the seaside no matter the season. Even in the autumn rain, even in the roughest winter. The restaurant occupies the ground floor and first floor of a recently finished white-and-glass building. The vibe is calmer on the first floor, which offers a broader view across the water. The ground floor with its play space and open kitchen entices families and gourmands alike. The story of the OKO goes on...

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