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Parrot MiniBar

Very Fine Level 72
Food rating:29/40Service rating:14/20
BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMainly open during summer time
  • Address: Vana-Posti 7, Tallinn
  • Phone: +3724331818
  • Web:
  • Seats: 80
Parrot MiniBar

Parrots and Tweezers

Most ofus have seen how top chefs finish their dishes by placing microherbs or minute ingredients on their precise places with tweezers. Whether in real life orin food magazines. But have you ever beento a restaurant where those tweezers are a major piece of cutlery? If not, visit Parrot MiniBar. Tweezers on their own, of course, neither upgrade nor downgrade the food on the plate. However, they challenge it. Tweezers inhand make the eater feel like anything they touch with itisan exact science - or, here, exact culinary. Perfect and flawless. The interior, slightly over the top, but convincing, is meant to create a tropical atmosphere. Right in the entrance hall, the newcomer is greeted byhuge green plants and the taped chatter of tropical birds. The restaurant’s leitmotif is the parrot, present in pictures and figurines. Drinks take the tropical fantasy a step further. The cocktails are served in large bowls, with plenty of tropical ingredients and exotic flavors. (A small wine selection exists to meet the more conservative tastes.) And the food, of course, cannot be outdone by the drinks. Itisnot. Everything that ison the plate comes with exotic sides, is simply prepared andascetically served. One main ingredient with a few accompaniments. That is it. Two techniques dominate: roasting and burning (with a blow torch). Despite the raised expectations, the food at the Parrot overcomes prejudice and deserves tobe eaten with tweezers. Our favorite is the helmeted guinea fowl inXO sauce – a dish with fundamentally clear and simple tastes...

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  • Parrot MiniBar
  • Parrot MiniBar

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