From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Fine Level 70
Food rating:25/40Service rating:15/20
BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingMainly open during summer time
  • Address: Pylimo Str. 21, Vilnius
  • Phone: +37068464622
  • Web:
  • Seats: 60

The Contrarian

We couldn’t help but notice the new wine restaurant Somm. This is a place where wine turns guests from strangers into locals. As time goes by, Somm, just like good wine, stands out more and more in its segment. We are hard pressed to think of other restaurants where the discussions between clients and servers last as long asat Somm’s. Neither the server nor the guest is short on time, because Somm turns customs upside down. The drinks are primary, and the whole selection, updated once a month, is always ready at just the right temperature. The food list, more ofan afterthought, is brief and the dishes are simple. They are not even designed to complement the drinks, but rather cater to the sudden hunger. But these few dishes are expertly prepared and make the mouth water like nobody’s business. We leave this charming contrarian enriched by long discussions, having sampled a fair few different wines and eaten a few bites. But our stomachs are full and spirits uplifted. Nomatter that food was notin the center of attention...

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