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Sweet Root

Global Masters Level 85
Food rating:36/40Service rating:17/20
BarTables outsideVegetarian dishesMainly open during summer time
  • Address: Užupio g. 22-1, Vilnius
  • Phone: +370 685 60767
  • Web:
  • Seats: 36
Sweet Root

Dining with Pen and Paper

Sweet Root is a good name for this restaurant at the fast-developing Užupis district ofVilnius. Liquorice as a herb is ubiquitous, yet slightly mysterious. It gives all cola drinks their irresistible flavour, but its main uses lie in pharmaceutical sciences. The food atSweet Root strikes foreigners as local and locals as slightly foreign. Itis a place togetopinionated about. The table is equipped with a pen and paper. The paper – the supposed ‘menu’– limits itself to listing the ingredients the guest will encounter. The dinner begins with what the co-owner and genie of the restaurant, Sigitas Žemaitis, introduces as the “principal” course –bread and butter. Sourdough bread and fresh cream butter. Both, naturally, made in the house. The guessing game begins. The bread, succulently soft with a crisp crust, is topped with silky whipped butter, which, in turn, is sprinkled with gratings of the same butter, frozen. Can the two really account for all the flavour!? The ingredients list mentions fresh goat’s cheese and cured sheep’s cheese. Perhaps there is one...or both involved? We find ourselves switching between the cutlery and the pen rather more often than normally during dinner. The staff take their time in feeding us information. Each dish is literally memorable, since the taste memory and thinking are engaged as much as the palate. Far beyond the ordinary. Sweet Root titles its cuisine a seasonal local one, but not new Lithuanian cuisine. The consensus on the definition of the latter does as yet not exist. Lithuanians are conservative about their eating habits. Sweet Root is decidedly unrestricted by such attitude. Perhaps that is why foreign languages are more common inthe restaurant. Sweet Root serves a fixed seven-course menu with drinks. Written information oneverything that was consumed is brought to the table at the end of the evening – the guessing game comes toanend.By the way, the drinks are as special as the food. If you did notpay attention during the dinner, feel free to catch up online. Thinking along brings the guest closer to the Sweet Root family and seemingly bestows a bit of responsibility as well. And just like cola drinks, Sweet Root makes people come back for more...

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