From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Very Fine Level 73
Food rating:31/40Service rating:14/20
Vegetarian dishes
  • Address: Suur-Karja 4, Tallinn
  • Phone: +372600 2220
  • Seats: 65


The Tabac defines itself as a Social Club. Their combination of a barand kitchen is a novel one - a testament to actions coming first and being only much later followed by the words and expressions to describe them. The door opens into a classical bar. This isno means a deceptive impression. The bar isan outstandingly good one, too. The signature cocktails are without doubt the most interesting part of the extensive drinks list. (They borrow a fair few ingredients from the kitchen.) But beware: don't get lulled into an evening of drinks without ordering something from that kitchen of theirs. We wrote KITCHEN in all caps in the title because that’s what the Tabac’s kitchen - as a bar kitchen - is. It takes the modern Estonian cuisine forward more than many restaurants do. The Estonian Sushi is a simple dish. It consists of the two perennial favorites of Estonian homes: potato and Baltic herring. The Baltic herring hasbeen salted, then washed and ever-so-gently grilled. Gone is the overpowering fishy flavor. Itis replaced by slightly salty, refined nuances common in rare and precious fish. Forget about wine, by the way. The food is best enjoyed with cocktails. The truffle-flavored negroni is a flawless partner to the sweet and salty dish of grilled rice, smoked eel and cured salmon...

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