From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Fine Level 69
Food rating:26/40Service rating:12/20
Tables outsideVegetarian dishes

New Religion inan Old Monastery

Located in a former monastery next to the Church of St. Catherine, this trinity preaches a new religion - the cult of food and drink. It consists of a restaurant and two bars, andwewould warn you against limiting yourself to just oneor two of them. The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. The aperitif bar is impressive. Tall vaulted ceilings, dramatic black furniture, many lush green houseplants and flowers. The same repeats through the restaurant and digestif bar. The Primitivo G&T, with its touch of Primitivo wine accentuating the gin and the tonic, is a good choice for the aperitif. The red wine billows slowly downwards and complements the striking space in look and in taste. After a cocktail or two, you ascend the stairs to the restaurant. Take some care. Werecommend ordering one course at a time, because a starter along with a main might bemore than you can handle. The beef tongue entrée, two silky-soft pieces of tongue the size of regular hamburgers, is served with seasonal vegetables. The bartenders are clearly experts in their field and will gladly rise to the challenge of crafting cocktails that fit each course even better than wine. Virtual angel wings wave welcome and goodbye alike on the wall of the digestif bar. The relatively young, pleasure-seeking crowd has gathered to honor the cult of good food and drink...

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