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Masters Level 78
Food rating:34/40Service rating:16/20
Banqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
  • Address: Dampfærgevej 7, 2100 København Ø
  • Phone: +45 51 22 59 55
  • Web:
  • Seats: 30

Vegetarian groundbreaker in the Langelinie district

This is among the first lacto-vegetarian restaurants in Denmark, and it is rare to see a top-level restaurant that does not serve meat or eggs. Sound boring or self-righteous? Well, not when a master of interpretation and restaurant entrepreneurship such as Henrik Yde is behind the venture. Much as his Kiin Kiin took Thai street food to gastronomic heights more than a decade ago, Yde has set up shop in the new Langelinie district with plans of doing the same for vegetarian fare. Veve is housed in a raw but inviting room with soft chairs. It’s a thoroughly classic serving style with new creations in vegetarian cuisine, making guests feel that they are amongst the upper echelons of gastronomic excellence. Both the kitchen and the floor are staffed with competent and experienced professionals, but this is not necessarily evident in the prices, which are rock bottom considering the restaurant’s level. Yde is known for his creative snacks, a reputation he solidifies at Veve. We are treated to wonderful onion skin chips, vegetarian “meringue” with chickpea/soybean water, and nutty balls filled with lemongrass cream that taste like a crispy bite of Asia. Four dishes stand out: the Waldorf salad is an elegant crossover between Danish, Asian and American. Crisp flakes of Danish apples, sugar-baked walnuts and celery are topped with a sharp and mild sweet and sour chilli sauce, apple granité, crème fraîche, apples and celery. A blissful pairing of Peter Lauer’s riesling from Saar in our glasses touches on the same apple notes. Salt-baked celeriac is fashionably carved at the table and is perfectly al dente with uninhibited loads of herb butter: a fantastic dish full of salt and herbs. The aroma of Provence succeeds the celeriac, as the kitchen evokes magical tomato intensity from a baked tomato perforated with rosemary and completed by a bold glass of rojal from Bernabé. The wine list is generally more narrative than dogmatic, with many excellent pairings, including the pinot noir served with mushroom soup, which delivers a full blast of umami to mark the meal’s turning point. After that, diners are served a soft and pleasant applesauce with cream and crisp topping, which leads to the final act, featuring amusing petits fours resembling spices with a good, fruity coffee. We leave satiated, both in body and soul. The common thread at Veve is vegetable-based cuisine without fanatic devotion to any one corner of the globe, putting Yde once again at the trendsetting forefront. Veve heralds a fascinating new green era in Danish gastronomy...

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