From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

Villa Vest

Masters Level 78
Food rating:33/40Service rating:15/20
Chambre separéeTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms available
  • Address: Strandvejen 138, 9800 Lønstrup
  • Phone: +45 98 96 05 66
  • Web:
  • Seats: 50
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12 noon-3 PM, 6 PM-11 PM

In top form on the shores of the North Sea

Villa Vest is exactly where it always has been: right on the edge of the North Sea with a view that is equal parts heavens and sea. Few places does one feel so close to the sea as when sitting in the bright restaurant and taking in the undisturbed, endless expanse stretching to the horizon. As the sun shines through the windows, the first snacks land on our table. Among these are a dried, razor-thin and crispy cabbage leaf that crunches between the teeth and serves as a resting spot for dollops of acidic herb mayo, and slices of dried lamb from owner Kim Møller-Kjær’s own herd. Symphonic mouthfuls delight with the sweetness of the cabbage, acidity of the mayo and umami from the lamb. The snacks are followed by an appetiser with slices of white asparagus resting in the juices of a sourdough, providing a distinctively complex acidity and depth from the grain. The asparagus cuts through the dish as a crunchy and fresh contrast, while rosehip oil delivers faint aromatic nuances. The menu changes according to the seasonal ingredients in supply; on this visit, oysters are part of the starter. The plate is adorned with a circular blanched leaf of pointed cabbage, brushed with a parsley paste in an attractive green colour scheme. Hiding beneath the leaf is an oyster mayo, gooseberry compote and fine bites of grilled oysters. It’s an excellent, well-balanced dish, where the mayo and the freshness of gooseberries buttress the consistency and fresh sea flavour of the oysters. The cabbage leaf has the right texture to give the dish fullness and character, while a dashi-inspired cabbage juice with seaweed adds additional deep and complementary taste notes. The dish is accompanied by an eminent oyster wine made from the German gutedel grape, whose sturdy acidity and distinctive minerality mesh pleasantly with the light metallic notes of the oyster. Kim Møller-Kjær has consistently chosen good, harmonious wines for the pairings, and he masters the role of restaurant host with effortless elegance. He pays a visit to every table throughout the evening, reciting anecdotes with his warm, infectious humour, which permeates the atmosphere of the room. The main course is a slow-grilled pork breast with variations of beetroot. The pickled beet has a penetrating acidity that would be too biting on its own, but in combination with the rich and fatty pork it finds a nice balance. The pork also comes from Møller-Kjær’s own herd, taking the trend of local ingredients to a new level with an owner who brings his own animals to work. With a kitchen that presents subtle innovation featuring Northern Jutlandic ingredients, the villa by the sea is in top form from the very start of the season...

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