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Masters Level 88
Food rating:35/40Service rating:18/20
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  • Address: Elizabetes iela 19, Riga
  • Phone: +371 29 422 446
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  • Seats: 82

Changing Unchanging

The Vincents has reached an iconic status in Latvia. You’d be hard pressed to find a Riga local who has never been to this 25-year-old restaurant. And even those who haven’t would hardly dare to admit it. Getting caught in a lie is easy, though, since nothing but details have changed over time. Say, the collection of pictures of famous visitors is taking ever more space on the wall. Some of the elements of the interior design get refreshers... A visitor will be quick to notice that the servers, dressed in all black, do their work on the background, nearly imperceptibly. This is done on purpose to let the star of the show - the food - shine brighter. Introducing the goods starts off low-key, too. Meat cuts and fish are rolled upon a special side table. Next up, a glass-lidded boxof truffles. The clients can personally choose their food and decide whether and how much truffle to have grated on their dishes. If the client doesn't like this old-school system, the alternative is its opposite - a degustation menu, where each new course is revealed at the moment of serving. This menu surprises with special effects, such as a dish served inside an ice ball. The ice ispartially melted with a blowtorch on the table to allow access to the food. The biggest recent change to take place at the Vincents was granting the wines equal status with the food. The manager, Raimonds Tomsons, is a winner of the European sommelier championship himself. The drinks selection for the tasting menu features only rare wines, starting from the house champagne. Other drinks donot pretend to compete with the wines. Only the acoustics leave something tobe desired and some of the interesting information and perhaps even the enjoyment can get lost in the din. But this provides a good reason tocome back to the Vincents in a while. To see what itis like to change while remaining unchanged...

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