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Von Krahli Aed

Fine Level 64
Food rating:25/40Service rating:13/20
BarChambre separéeTables outsideVegetarian dishesMainly open during summer timeAmerican Express
Von Krahli Aed

A Plethora of Plants

The Aed was the first restaurant in Tallinn to offer biological and plant-based food. While plant-based food is the heart of the menu, this is not a regular vegetarian restaurant: nearly every dish can be ordered vegan or with meat or fish. For main course, either lamb or tempeh can be chosen togo with the cabbage, potato, and beer sauce accompaniments; the ryesotto with Gyromitra esculenta mushroom, radicchio, andmushroom sauce can come with either biological beefsteak or portobello mushrooms; goat’s cheese can be substituted for duck. Plants have inspired new sides, too: coriander seed mayonnaise, miso meringue, pear mustard, bird cherry balsamico, parsnip noodles. Most of the raw ingredients are locally grown in biological farms, and the wines and some of the other beverages are biologically produced as well. Even the interior matches the ecological vibe with its plaster walls, broad ceiling beamsand numerous houseplants...

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  • Von Krahli Aed
  • Von Krahli Aed

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